Hundreds of civilians fled their homes this afternoon in Yambio – Bazungua payam.   

Yambio : hundreds of civilians fled Bazungua payam due to the volatility of the security situation in the area this afternoon,  several incidents ranging from killing, robbery and abduction have been reported so far.

The civilians who fled the area are currently taking refuge in Yambio primary school inside the Town.

Two people were killed yesterday by unidentified armed men, this move sparked intense fear among the local population both in town and outside town.

Government security elements have been accused by the locals of intimidation, armed robbery and killing in recent days according to local contacted by wangdunkon media said, the security organs have been operating in town with hostility tendency that terrify the civilians. 

Armed elements from different directions have been operating in the area where killing and burning down of the tukuls were rampant.

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