SPLA/ IO denied defection rumour  of Generals to Govt.

Pagak: The leadership of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army in Opposition (SPLA-IO) has refuted the rumour being circulated in the social media and published by Sudantribune online website that some Generals in the rank and file of the SPLA/IO have defected and join the govt in Juba. 

According to the opposition spokesman, there is no single General that defected to the defunct leadership of Taban Deng.

The Generals in the headquarter and other places under IO control are still intact 

The claimed officers said to have defected are not known in Pagak military headquarter

The SPLA/IO leadership is assuring the general public that, non of the generals from IO have defected in Pagak.

Micheal Paul dak, Mun Bach  thoch and Dobuol Wuor Diew, these officers were dismissed from SPLM/A-IO long time ago along with General Taban and they have been roaming around  all this time between Kule One Refugees camp and Gambella of  Ethiopia since they got no chance to reach Juba where their master bases. According to the report obtained by Wangdunkon media.

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  1. These are people we can’t differentiate between money, politics, social and the deception attached to all those…..