Bol Koang and James Kok Ruea in command of govt operation to Bieh and Phow States.

Duk – The governors of Bieh State and Phow/Fangak states, Gen Bol Koang Nguth and James Kok Ruae respectively are in direct command of the government’s operation to Waat and Ayod of Bieh and Phow states.

According to a source from Duk who anonymously talked to Wangdunkon Media, the two governors have been directed by the president to enter Waat and Ayod respectively “by all mean” and it’s a mission they “must accomplish” to maintain their gubernatorial position.

Goverment forces are currently around Duk Padiet of Duk County preparing for operation to enter Waat and Ayod as early as possible, according to the source.

Presient Kirr created the 28 states less than months after signing the ARCISS (the peace agreement) which he put forward his reservations, and Kok Ruea and Bol Koang were appointed governors of Phow and Bieh states respectively.

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  1. Foot first, community/family last. God is watching you all and I believe the Nuer community are still innocents and you will not finish them no matter how hard you try.