Pres. Museveni call for South Sudan election to be done “as soon as possible”

Juba – The Uganda President, Yoweri Kagutta Museveni, has called for the conduct of South Sudan election as soon as possible to “give power back to the people” he said.

“I would appeal to the Transitional Government and all the other stakeholders  to stop all actions involving insecurity, so that the people focus on elections as soon as possible. All fighting should stop so that the people of South Sudan regain their power, because right now they don’t have power.the power is with people with guns” Museveni said.

While it’s clear that he is calling upon the TGoNU which is being controversially run in Juba with the SPLM in Opposition saying it’s no more a TGoNU but a new regime, President Museveni was not clear if he also extend the same call to to all the armed group and as well as the SPLM-IO

A source within the Presidency revealed that President Museveni gave clear instruction and a full commitment to an immediate conduct of the elections and as well as improving the Country’s security.

Museveni came to Juba on Thursday for a one day visit and was accompanied by several ministers from his goverment.


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