“Japan supports actions, not sanctions, on South Sudan” Envoy says

Juba – Following the continued push from the US to secure the UNSC’s approval of sanctions and arms embargo on South Sudan, a Japanese diplomats says Japan is not in support of the move.

In in visit to South Sudan where Japen has some troops under the UN ambrella, Okamura Yoshifumi, special adviser to Japan’s prime minister, said “Japan supports actions, not sanctions, on South Sudan” adding that sanctions or arms embargo are “not productive.

As Fox News reports, U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power has said the council will vote on a sanctions resolution by the end of the year, but she has expressed frustration with Japan and other council members for their lack of support.

US has fail several times to secure the UNSC approval on a number of move related to sanctions on South Sudan and this move is now seen as one of of many that have already failed.

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