SPLA/IO forces captured three towns in both Equatoria and unity state 

​Subject: Heavy fighting has been going on in three towns

Press Statement.

By Col. William Gatjiath Deng

Spokesperson for SPLA-IO, South Sudan   
According to the report obtained by wangdunkon media, the SPLA/IO forces  have taken  full control of the following towns; Bazi at the South Sudan-DRC border, Morobo in Central Equatoria and Kaljak in Unity state after a pierce battle.

SPLA/IO spokesperson Gatjiath said, those towns were captured consecutively on Tuesday IO  gallant forces after the fierce battles between the government forces and SPLA/IO.

This time around, the SPLA-IO will not accept such supercilious attitude from the government that always keep on attacking our forces at their bases and we always remain in self defence he added.  

We must take an excessive force to fight this autocrat, ethnocentric regime, since it has chosen unrest and continual belligerents in the country.

The SPLA-IO, shall always refrain from systematic massacres, abuses of human rights and violation of international humanitarian law in all warfronts of South Sudan. 

The leadership of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA-IO) would once again like to inform the public that the 20 AID workers who were trapped in at Nhialdiu’s incident were all freed and went to state capital’s Bentiu three days ago. 


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