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After predicting him winning, Machar congratulates US President-elect, Donald Trump!

Johannesburg – From his medical break in South Africa where he is currently, Machar congratulate the newly elected US President, Donald J. Trump over his massive victory over the Democratic opponent Hilary Clinton in the just concluded US election.

In May this year when Machar was in Juba long after the signing of the Peace agreement, Machar predicted Trump winning the US election just like he did at his party level.

Talking to Foreign Policy magazine at his then base at Jebel Kujur in Juba, Machar said “Somebody that freely discusses anything. People like it. The American people like it!” refering to his comment on the US Presidential race contested by Republican’s Donald Trump and the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton.

“Now I’m telling them ‘Prepare yourselves! Trump might win!” Machar further said

“He said between laughs, telling me he is angry he can’t get CNN in his new camp in Juba and that his advisers didn’t initially believe him when he said Trump would likely be the Republican nominee” Said The Foreign policy Magazine reporter Siobhán O’Grady

“We are a small country in Africa,” Machar said. “I don’t know whether somebody who came out of business has taken interest in South Sudan, although we would want him to take interest in us” Machar said when asked whether Trump would have interest in South Sudan affairs.

Below is Machar’s Congratulatory message to Donald Trump or click HERE:




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