Kenya at odds with UN; withdrawing troops and disengaging in S. Sudan peace process

Nairobi – Following the decision by the UN SG Ban Ki Moon sacking the UN Mission in South Sudan force commander, a Kenyan who assumed the responsibility this, Kenyan has not take it cool and said they would do the follow as soon as possible:

  • Rejected the dismissal of the UNMISS force commander and the offer by UN asking Kenyan goverment to avail his replacement
  • Withdraw its troop from UNMISS with immediate effects. Kenya current has over 1,200 soldiers in South Sudan serving under UNMISS
  • Discontinue plans to contribute to the propose Regional Protection Force to be deployed in South Sudan.
  • Disengage from South Sudan Peace process

Both UN HQs and UNMISS in Juba have not yet responded to Kenyan government’s statements.

Kenya during the recent days following the July clashes have been seen in different colors. Some critics says Kenya is tired of South Sudan and wants to be away from its affairs.

However, others also believes that Kenya got their interest on South Sudan blocked somewhere and thus angry and would want to do anything to stop its supports.

After the July fighting, Uhuru Kenya, The President of Kenya was the first Head of State to visit Juba and discussed with President Salva Kirr on peace process but not on so many issues.

The Prime Minister of Ethiopia, an upcoming East African economic giant which is expected to overtake Kenya next year economically, visited Juba and discussed a number of bilateral issues out of which includes Security, economic which would open up South Sudan to Ethiopia through many roads construction among others. That move is not in Kenya’s interest and is seen as betrayal by Kenyan who struggled since 2005 to hold the keys of South Sudan economy.



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