Yei County Commissioner defects to SPLM-IO alongside other govt officials

Yei – The Commissioner of Yei County in the newly created controversial Yei State, Bidali Cosmas Wöri – Kojo, has defected from the goverment of Salva Kirr and joined the SPLM-IO led by the Country’s former Vice President Dr. Riek Machar.

Several sources in Yei have confirmed to Wangdunkon Media that several other goverment officials have also joined the armed opposition which is threatening to control most areas in Equatoria region especially and Central and Western Equatoria.

“People are joining en masses, almost all the youths have gone and most soldiers hailing from Equatoria communities are all in the bushes” an elder in Yei town told Wangdunkon Media.

Las week President Kirr in a comment criticized as “not sounding presidential” and “conducting himself as a tribal chief” acknowledge that his army of full of Dinka and that Equatorians have refused to join his army as Dr. Riek goes away with “his Nuer people”

“People are saying that the army is full of Dinka […], but where will I get people from if people of Equatoria have refused to join the army? Riek Machar has rebelled with his Nuer people,”

The comment was as well a slap on the face of Mr. Taban Deng Gai, Kirr’s FVP who claims to be in command of the IO forces, critics says.

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