“The current govt in Juba is a new regime; not TGoNU implementing the ARCISS”

Washington – In his first days of having access to communicating with media, Machar spokes exclusively to Voice of America, VOA South Sudan in focus program, and pointed out that the current goverment in Juba is a new regime and is not implementing the Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan, ARCISS.

“The new goverment is not a transitional goverment of national unity, they should not delude the international community of this” Machar said continuing that “The current goverment is a new regime, but it’s not implementing the agreement”

Machar was speaking in South Africa following his going there for medical check up which he has been doing regarding his eye and now the exhausting and and his leg.

This is the second time Machar spokes to media following his recent press statement he made at the Khartoum Internal Airport on his departure to South Africa

 Machar met with Museveni in Khartoum alongside Dr. Lam Akol

Machar has revealed that he met President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of Uganda in Khartoum a day before he departed for South Africa, and that he and Dr. Lam Akol were together in that meeting

On the eleventh morning before I left Khartoum on the next day, which was on the 12th yesterday, President Museveni was in Khartoum. He requested me to meet him, and in that meeting which was also attended by Dr. Lam, […] he was looking for a political solution, and I told him our resolutions were saying: we need a political solution”

Machar pointed out the weakness and lack of political initiative of the international community and the region who are either peace guarantors or partners, challenging their behavior in relation to the peace agreement violation and the continued fighting after July.

“By the way there is no political initiative to engage the warring parties [from the region and the international community]. What we see is as if no incidence happened in J1; and no incidence happened consequently, and as if there are no fightings (happening now) in South Sudan”

Click on this link to listen to the full interview of Dr. Machar with the Voice of America

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