Kenyan MPs calls for Machar’s relatives and supporters deported from Kenya

Nairobi – A group of Kenyan MPs has called on their goverment to deport Machar’s relatives, supporters and allies out of Kenya following Machar’s call for war to topple Salva Kirr’s goverment.

The National Assembly Defense and Security committees [of the Kenya National Assembly] warned that the government will bring a motion before Parliament to ban Machar and his allies from stepping into Kenya, The Star website reported.

This move, if approved by the parliament, would see Machar’s family who are currently in Nairobi deported back to South Sudan.

“We find the fresh calls for war unacceptable and inexcusable. We want Machar and his allies to go back to the negotiating table as an option to pursue and address his grievances,” Kamama told a press conference at Parliament buildings, continuing that “Taking the people of South Sudan back to the trenches must not be an option.”

“The war threatens the continent’s largest Lappset project. Machar and his allies cannot live in comfort in Nairobi and have his children go to better schools while people continue to die in South Sudan,” said Kamama.

The MPs were seen angered and frustrated by Machar’s call for war, but fail to point out the root causes of this war that erupted in Juba in July between the forces of President Salva Kirr and those loyal to Machar. The MPs as well made no calls or comment to President Kirr regarding his upper hand in ensuring that there is peace and stability in South Sudan.

“Machar and his allies cannot be allowed to enjoy the comfort and relative calm of capitals with their children going to school as they sponsor wanton and gutter destruction of lives and property in Juba,” Kamama said.

Following the July fighting which resulted into Machar being expelled forcefully once again out of Juba by forces of President Salva Kirr, Machar has only enjoyed the bitter part of diplomacy so far, where his fateful 40 days hunt down by President Kirr’s force received no single condemnation, not his removal as the FVP either.

SPLM (IO) has not commented on this matter yet as Machar headed to South Africa yesterday for medical check up and an opportunity to meet President Zuma to tell his part of the story and sell his agency of toppling President Kirr’s goverment.

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