SPLM-IO slapped Salva Kiir’s Regime as a qualifies State-Sponsoring of Terrorism!

Machar and angelina

Dr. Machar sitting with his wife, Angelina Teny in the church

October 10, 2016 in series statement issues from the office SPLM/A-IO chairman and the former South Sudanese first Vice president Dr Riek Machar Teny.

The official spokesman in the office of SPLM-IO,s Chairman  James Gatdet Dak accused Juba Government as a qualifies state-sponsoring of terrorism  when responding to the terrorist act leveled against his rebel administration by Juba regime.

If the word terrorism derives from the act of “terror” or terrorizing innocent people or civilians for that matter, the current rogue regime of Salva Kiir is the one to be labelled as a state-sponsoring acts of terror which could be described as terrorism carried out by its terrorist-like soldiers, and not the civilian-friendly and civilian-oriented democratic forces and freedom fighters of the SPLM/SPLA (IO) as alleged by the rogue regime James Gatdet explain.

It seems the regime’s propagandists or hired officials could just throw words or pick terminologies that can instead best describe them without first giving it a “proper” thought.

The regime’s undisciplined, wild, unruly and disorderly forces have been the ones known for “terrorizing” civilians in South Sudan. They have massacred tens of thousands of innocent unarmed civilians right in the capital, Juba, from 15 December 2013. They have been terrorizing civilians in Equatoria region, including letting loose their cattle to graze in the farms of the civilians, guarded by commanders. They indiscriminately shot at peaceful civilian protestors in Wau, massacring hundreds of them and have continued to attack villages, terrorizing civilians: the elderly, children and women. Throughout the country, they have been kidnapping, torturing, raping and killing civilians, burning their houses and looting their moveable properties; and that is “terror.” The rogue regime’s forces shot dead a journalist at the Terrain Hotel in Juba on July 10, 2016, simply because of his ethnic identity; that was an act of terror targeting ethnicities. They raped even foreigners, like they did to American female citizens and this was an act of terror. Their undisciplined soldiers shot at American diplomats right in front of Salva Kiir’s Republican Palace in July; and this was actually terrorism, targeting American government officials. The list is very long!

The forces of the SPLM/SPLA (IO) are not responsible for any attacks “targeting” civilians anywhere in the country. Their discipline and respect for civilians and their properties was witnessed by residents of Juba themselves during the July violence where all the areas they briefly controlled, including some of Gudele area, were not looted, while the regime’s forces looted every piece of civilians’ belongings they could get their fingers on. This was confirmed by their chief, Paul Malong Awan, in his recorded public statements.

Our forces are not responsible for the alleged killing of civilians, women and children along Juba-Yei road or anywhere!

However, there is one thing that should be made clear and the rogue regime’s forces should stop doing; and that is using civilians as human shield, as well as using commercial vehicles or non-military vehicles to transport their fighters in plain clothes as a camouflage. The regime’s forces have resorted to using commercial vehicles for carrying their soldiers in the civilian clothes and also putting civilians on board as human shield. This is another criminal act which puts the lives of civilians at risk and the regime should stop it immediately.