Leaked: Assassination plot on Gen. Peter Gatdet designed  by the govt in Juba   

Nairobi – A leaked report imparted to Wangdunkon Media reveals that the government in Juba has laid a plot to assasinate Gen. Peter Gatdet Yak in Nairobi, Kenya.

Gen. Gatdet was reportedly approached by the government in Juba, specially the group led by Gen. Taban, the current First Vice President of South Sudan, to join them and be appointed the head of the army, but he refused.

Gatdet said he is not for peace between individuals, citing that he has no personal problem with with any person but rather the general problem facing the Country.

His views were seen to be supportive of voices calling for all out war to topple Kirr’s govement, contrary to what was expected of him by the government in Juba.

Most likely, this might have been the  reason behind the alleged assasination of his life by the regime in Juba.

A close source to Gen. Peter Gatdet told Wangdunkon Media that that, according to the leaked report, the assasination plot is being  spearheaded by Taban Deng,  Tut Gatluak and Marial Chinuor to get rid of Gen. Peter Gatdet 

The government in Juba has been accused of several assasinations plots on targeted individuals especially in East African nations including Uganda.

Gen. Peter Gatdet has been quite away from front lines as he breaks ranks with all those he allied with during the conflict. He has been more engaged in family affairs and community issues.

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