Members of SPLM-IO in Australia have switch their allegiance to the side of Gen.Taban Deng Gai


(Australia )In press release seen by wangdunkonmedie.the members of SPLM-IO led by John wiyual Kuach Bithoaw in Australia (diaspora).

Have declare their allegiance and moral support to the South Sudanese newly appointed First Vice president Gen.Taban Deng Gai,according to the defectors group.

“We the members of SPLM-IO for peace in Australia have disassociated ourselves from those who still want to incite violent and wish to continue  with  war  in South Sudan”

The newly defectors who claim to be a peace advocates urge all parties to the conflict to immediately end the ongoing  conflict and engage fully to the implementation of  the previous Addis ababa agreement,in order  to stop mass suffering  of South Sudanese people.

We wish to express our  appreciation and acknowledgment to the international community,  and the entire region for their tireless effort of persuading in bringing back those who still want war into peace negotiating   table.

the petition signed by

1 =John Wiyual  Kuach Bithoaw interim Chairman of newly defectors and former Thorrow County commissioner of Sobat State under 21 SPLM-IO federal states.

2 =James Simon Jock Koi

3 =Gach Paul Gak Deng

4 =Nhial Gach Lual

5 =Johnson Jock Gatdet Chan

6 =Keat Kuach Dar

7 =Stephen Yap Khot Chung

8 =Kerbino Ruach Tekjiek

9 =John Chuol Tut Thot

10 =William Guor Kuol

11 =Wien Deng Miarial Ador

12 =Jhon Mario Chol

13 =Agur Chol

14 =Loi Deng

15 =Chol BOL

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