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Nuer’ Gajaak Community leader refuted the Allegations that he defected to SPLM-IO Crown Hotel.

Press Release

On Oct 07, 2016, (Addis Ababa) 
Addis Ababa- the leader of Nuer’ Gajaak community in Ethiopia Kunen Nyak  denied the accusations fabricated against him that he was bribed by ”SPLM-IO officials who have defected to government”. These allegations are untrue and unfounded. 

Those who initiated this are anti peace and are for defectors group who left the visionary leader, Dr. Riek Machar. On the other hand I was the only community leader who made a tremendous step of mobilization Nuer community against bribed group who joined ‘‘genocidal regime that massacred 20,000 Nuer civilians based on ethnicity in Juba in December 2013”. 

I was so disappointed and surprised to hear certain people talking about my name that I joined the visionless group of SPLM-IO Crown Hotel after my short visit to Gambella. However, I am very much loyal to Dr. Riek Machar Teny who has vision and want bright future for the people of South Sudan he said.

We don’t need the same genocide to happen again in South Sudan which result to displace more than ”300,000 South Sudanese to neibouring countries, yet we have more than 400,000 civilian in UN protected camps (UNMISS)”. If the government is carrying for its own citizen how come the civilian should live under protection of UN in their own country? The regime had fail the vision and the interest of the citizen.  Those who make these allegations are the people who want to join recently defected SPLM-IO to government but want to spoil the names of those who are fully committed to serve their communities against. Therefore, I strongly condemn those baseless allegations and those who make out the story. If these allegations are true, why did I;

organize and call recently conducted Gajaak community conference in Addis Ababa that denounce Taban, Ezekiel and their friends?  

Invite other Nuer communities to attend and witness the meeting of Gajaak community?

Report to media the meeting resolution which had already been published on the international media via my name as a leader of Gajaak community?

Organized the meeting which was attended by all Nuer communities? 

Those people who fabricating are the desperate people who don’t have a vision for our country and they think that I will get frustrated on my current achievement. 

However, I would  have not done all that I did if I had the intention to join such a wrong cornered  SPLM-IO crown Hotel. I am a man with vision, confidence and hope to do great for South Sudanese. Therefore, your frustration will not get any chance from me anymore. 

On another hand, jealousy won’t push our community/country forward, we need to appreciate tremendous job done by individual who are advocating for peace and wellbeing of South Sudan.

In the last few days, I was given a threat by ”former diplomat to SPLM-IO”, David Dang Kong saying that I should be executed by ”Taban Deng Gai if I don’t cease mobilization of Gajaak community against SPLM-IO Crown Hotel politicians”. He further narrating that, I will be a victim if I became an obstacle to their move of mobilizing people to join their visionless move. he explained that, my case can be a top security agenda and it’s an easy task to handle. He therefore, urged me to keep silence in my current capacity as a community leader. This threat came after I became more critical to their move and influence Nuer communities at large in Addis Ababa as well as Gajaak Community in particular.  My respond was that, all Nuer were murdered by this regime in Juba, therefore, I couldn’t get scare because of life threatening. 

Despite the efforts made, some people still gossip about me talking nonsense that I defected to ”SPLM-IO Crown Hotel”. I warn any of you who provoke the situation to think of what you can do for the wellbeing of South Sudan, instead of frustrating those who are sleepless day and night on the current crisis of South Sudan. However, I won’t join this regime even if it means  I can remain in ”exile for years or all of my life”. I will only join when change is made by the visionary leader who value the life of the citizen. 

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