South Sudan Security operatives on “elimination search” for Kampala based Journalist, Peter Gai Manyuon.

Kampala – The Security Operatives of President Kirr’s goverment have been sent from Juba to Kampala on a mission to eliminate a senior Journalist based in Uganda, whom they accused of involvement in The Sentry Report and other charges related to the Journalist’s work.

Gai said he was inform by insiders within the Embassy of South Sudan in Kampala about the matter and caution to be on alert.

“On Saturday 1st of October 2016 at 7:30pm, an Insider whose identity i couldn’t mention called and he brief me about the strategies layout by security agents to eliminate me here in Kampala” Gai revealed to Wangdunkon Media in a statement.

Gai said “First they said i have been a threat to the government since before crisis of South Sudan from 2010-uptodate and they resolved in trying to do any thing which is best for them” continuing that “the guy who brief me about my Security matter  is an insider who is very closed  to Ambassador of  South Sudan  in Kampala, Uganda and he told me South Sudan National Security send a sealed envelop to the Ambassador Samuel Luate who is in charged of South Sudan Embassy in Uganda and my name is on the top of the list and he managed to see it since he is very closed to Ambassador”

This information, though not verified by Wangdunkon Media from the Embassy, could mean that the team of the Security Agent have probably been sent to eliminate more and not only Peter Gai who was informed by a friend from the embassy.

Other charges labelled against Gai includes his writing as a columnist with various news outlets: “the insider told me that my writings with Sudan Tribune  and South Sudan Nation as Columnist is making government uncomfortable and they are trying to look for ways to eliminate me and they will close the chapter like what happened to Isaiah Abraham” referring to a Veteran Journalist killed in the same manner in 2012 in Juba.

Appeals to Human Right bodies for Evacuation

Gai have appealed to Human Right bodies for help including evacuation pointing out that his life is under absolute threat.

“I am appealing to the Committee to protect Journalists and other Human rights bodies to evacuate me out of Uganda or in case I am killed they should know that  I have informed the authorities concern. My life is under serious threat”

Peter explains that he is not a criminal but a professional journalist who has been doing his job and deliver service to the Country as required of him, thus, his life shouldn’t be subjected to unnecessary elimination for doing his job.

“When i graduated with my Bachelor Degree in Journalism in Uganda in 2012, i took oath that i will always fight [for] issues that are affecting South Sudanese communities no matter the threat may be” Gai said

Gai said “I can’t be intimidated by any one because I am a Journalist who is advocating for issues of accountability in the Country.  I have studied Journalism and I have the right to deliver services to South Sudanese community through my investigative reports and articles. Silencing me or killing me will not solve the problem of the government of President Kiir and Taban where economics crisis, insecurity and rapes that is recorded globally is a threat to their goverment”