Two SPLA soldiers shot dead in Yambio after killing a woman in her house at night.

Yambio – woman  was shot dead by an SPLA soldiers at night in her house by two SPLA soldiers who were said to have sneaked out of  military barrack at 9:PM local time with their arms and started. Shooting indiscriminately to the  house that belongs to a woman who they killed.

A nearby wildlife officer heard a sound of a gun and rushed to the scene to see what happpened to his neighnor, immediately after reaching the scene, those two SPLA soldiers saw him and  fired at him and shot him on the leg  fell down, he sustained a severe wound on his leg.

Wildlife officer later on gained a strength and fired back at SPLA soldiers and shot them dead immediately.

The wounded officer was later on rushed to the hospital.

According to sources contacted by wangdunkon Media, there is high tension in Yambio military due to some armed members related to the deceased and threaten to attack the area where their colleagues were kiled, some are briefly detained to avoid escalation of insecurity in the area.

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