Morobo town captured by opposition forces, Civilians are fleeing Yei Town.

Yei – the security situation in and around Yei town has been deteriorating following sequence of attacks against opposition forces by the govt troops

Civilians are fleeing town to seek sanctuary in NGOs compounds and some have run to the border areas of Uganda and Congo.

South Sudan security situation remained tense since the outbreak of violence in July in Juba.

Many people remained in a precarious situations as there is no access to basic needs

According to IO senior military official whose name was withheld for security reasons said, the opposition forces are scaling up its military strengths to restore peace and tranquillity in the country, he stressed that Salva Kiir’s regime only understands language of violence in which he vows that freedom fighters will match toward Juba in the next few days and totally dismantle the rogue regime.

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