Arrow Boy’s leaders detained in Juba; the group threatened to attack Yambio town.

Yambio – the arrow boy’s commanders who were secretly lured in by the govt early last week were confirmed to have been put under detention through Army Chief of staff paul Malong’s directives.

The reason behind their detention is not yet clear, some observers said the group refused to be redeployed to various locations in which the incumbent Governor was linked to have a hand behind their refusal, a source leaked to Wangdunkon media that the Governor who was called to Juba and upto now wasn’t told  or briefed of what he was summoned for, the source the governor is currently under house detention,  the situation is very tense giving the fact that both arrow boys’ commanders and state governor are all  in Juba.

The  vigilante group who have operating in Gangura payam since 2015  signed agreement with government early this year with promise of boys to be integrated to the national army but the deal was not fully implemented.

According to the report obtained by Wangdunkon Media, the group is threatening to attack Yambio town should the govt fail to release their commanders.

The vigilante group is being trained in Birisi training centre which was officially opened last year, Birisi is 37 km away from Yambio town.

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