SPLM-IO Office in Kampala denounce “ghost names” claiming allegiance to Taban 

Kampala -The office of the SPLM-IO, also refered to as Liaison office or Chapter,  in Kampala denounce existence of names listed of a group which claims to be the SPLM-IO chapter in Uganda declaring allegiance to Gen. Taban Deng’s faction in Juba.

Magok Chuol Thomas, The Principle Representative of the SPLA-IO in Uganda said the names listed to be the SPLM-IO chapter members in Kampala do not exists and are not their members. 

“We the [SPLM-IO] mission in Uganda denounced the unfounded allegation that some members in Uganda give allegiance to Taban. The names that are on social media are ghost names and all of them are not known to us here in Uganda, and none of them is our member” Magok told Wangdunkon Media in respond to the allegations.

Rumors have been circulating in and around Kampala pointing out that Taban’s group,  as the call it,  sent its members to Kampala to bribe people with money to forge their allegiance. This has not concretely been confirmed by any party.

The 26 names have been circulating on Social media and they are led by a person called Yak Riek Guandong, a student at Cavendish University in Kampala.


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