South Sudan

Did you know that Pres. Kirr never visited Greater Upper Nile since 2013?

Editorial – The President of the Republic, Gen.. Salva Kirr Mayardit, has never visited a single part of the devastated region of Upper Nile which comprises of Upper Nile, Jonglei and Unity State. In fact he never made an attempt at all,  not even a failed one. 

Upper Nile region has been devasted at least to zero level especially in Bentiu and Malakal which exchanged hands several times during the bloody civil war. 

Since gorverment take firm control of the three main cities and capitals of the three states, many civilians have returned especially in Bor, but the President never bothered one day to make at least a one hour visit to see the area.

In Greater Bahr el Gazel where he comes from,  there are already ongoing project which includes Juba-Rumbek-Wau highway and Regional Oil Refinery in Wau for local fuel consumption in Bahr el Gazel region.

At least, since the fighting started,  President Kirr made two visits to his region but not even a plan for Greater Upper Nile which is devasted.

Though the war has been seen tribal (Dinka vs Nuer) at least other factors like regional domination  influence  are also contributing as can be seen in President’s conduct. 

It’s also worth mentioning that he has never yet stepped foot in any of the newly created 28 states which have been very controversial during and at the beginning of the  peace implementation.

He has been confined to his palace in Juba and only travel outside the Country at some points especially during the peace megotiations.