SPLA acquired two L-39 Jet Fighter through Uganda supports.

JubaThe SPLA under President Kirr has managed to acquire two modern fighter jet with facilitation from Uganda government.

The two fighter jets are both operated by Russian engineers and Ugandan as they have been seen roving in and around the Country.

The source within the SPLA GHQs reveal to Wangdunkon Media that SPLA air force Personels are undergoing training in aim to fully operate th  jets in the near future as they currently have no capacity to do so. 

The UN sanctions monitors confirmed that the L-39 were brought in through Uganda and by Uganda though it’s not clear weather Uganda bought them for South Sudan on loans or the South Sudan government paid the money.

“While the panel has received preliminary reports from two sources that the jets were serviced and painted in Uganda, the panel has not yet been able to confirm their origin or if these jets have been purchased or are on loan,”

One L-39 fighter jet cost between USD 250, 000 to 500,000 including the transport. 

The L-39 fighter jet is currently out of production and is not in use by modern armies as it’s not effective when it comes to current warfare. It’s used mostly in training by many Air Force including the US.


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