Dr. Riek Mchar Teny

US Government urges Machar to forget about his position; no return to Juba 

Washington -The US government has finally comes out urging the South Sudan’s rebel leader, Dr. Machar, to forget returning to power in Juba.

The US Department of States, through its special representative to South Sudan and Sudan, Mr. Donald Booth, has finally comes out open saying it would be unwise for Machar to think of returning to Juba to his previous position. 

“We do not believe it would be wise for Machar to return to his previous position in Juba,” Donald Booth, the State Department’s special envoy to South Sudan said at a House hearing Wednesday as Foreign Policy reports.

This comes following the previous statement by John Kerry, the Secretary of States which says Machar’s replacement is legal despite so much protest from the opposition.
Machar has long been silent since his transfer to Khartoum with sources allegedly saying that Khartoum refused to let him talk to the media saying they are hosting him on humanitarian ground.

Booth also said the idea of Trusteeship is impractical and wouldn’t have the support from the US government.