South Sudanese artist in Sudan Celebrate in honor of safe exit of Chairman of SPLM/A-IO Dr RIEK Machar Teny from Juba To Khartuom.




(Khartuom)  The young artist in their various capacity stage concert in Khartoum in order to welcome the legal first vice president of south Sudan who have been in wilderness for 40 day in jungle of Equatoria forest.

The overcrowded, concert ever held in Khartoum drawn a lot of participant and sympathizer  from different work of life, as it was meant to  honor the hero whose sacrifice  is for sack of free  Sudan Sudan.

Therefore, the concert is highly attended  by  several SPLM/A-IO officials included elders,Women, Youth among others

According to women Representative, who  reiterated is commitment and seek  to all freedom fighter to stand side by side with Dr Riek Machar and urge all Youth to go to front line and rescues south Sudanese from tyranny regime in Juba, she also lamented that, the departure of Gen: Taban Deng is blessing  as he was working to dismantle the movement for so long.

The names of artist whom are participated in that important concert are as below.

Micheal Pal Riek, Gatrup Yian Gatwich, Bil Nyanuer, Sahara Nyatet Kubuor, Khor Jock Top, Maliah Gatwich, Mary Nyagony, Nhial Simon, Chuol Biel, Gatluak Panyuan, Yian Mayiel, Dumi Tut, Tutkhor Banang, Lam Guicwang, Malow Khor Teny, Micheal Matai Matiek among others.








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