Update: Fighting rages on in Unity State’s Leer County

Leer – Fighting is reported to have been ongoing in Leer County between the opposition and the Government troops as hopes for peace faded in South Sudanese hearts.

“Heavy fighting has been going on since morning up to now in and around Leer town between our forces SPLA-I.O and the government forces loyal to Salva Kiir”  Said Weirial Puok Baluang, the Press Secretary for the SPLM-IO Governor of Lich State.

“The fights occurred in three different locations (Gaatdoor, Philieny and Adok port), Therefore, those who came through Gaatdoor and Philieny were badly defeated back toward the town and worth of it, they supplied our troops with the ammunition” he continued

In a related coverage, a long-day bombing of opposition position in Nasir yesterday by goverment was reported. The goverment used its only fighting jet with escort of two other helicopter gunship.

Government forces have been under immense threat and pressure as SPLA-IO troop made a close occupation in Nasir town.


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