Breaking: Machar relocated to a neighboring Country as Kirr, Taban hopes for the best

Nairobi – The leader of the armed opposition has relocated to an unnamed neighboring Country after spending over a month in the bushes of Central Equatoria State along Juba-Yei road with his forces including some of his top commanders like Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual and Gen. Koang Chuol Ranley.

“The Chairman and Commander-in-Chief of the SPLM/SPLA (IO), Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon, has been successfully relocated to a neighboring country today, August 17, 2016, after one month of stay in the bushes around Juba” said James Gatdet Dak, Machar’s Press Secretary

It’s exactly the day marking one year of signing the peace agreement last year which has now, more or less, collapsed. Machar signed the ARCISS on the 17th Auguest, 2015 and Kirr signed more than a week later in Juba.

Kirr, Gen, Taban hopes for the best

 In an efforts to eliminate Machar, the two have been hoping for the best and continue to do sop my dislodging Machar out of the Country and possibly  eliminate him in politics by either killing him or destroying his forces.

But can the two make it now?

Machar will now be engaged in a diplomatic war against the two who have been advantaged because of his isolation in the bushes. Should Machar, get it rough diplomatically, then the two will have what they may call SUCCESS. and if the vice versa happens, it will be the worse political lesson of the two and especially Gen. Taban. hoping for the best continue.


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