Press Release

South Sudanese Diaspora Civil Society Networks condemned the move taken by civil society alliances in Juba.

(13th August, 2016 wangdunkon media)

Press release 

South Sudanese in diaspora  Condemns South Sudan civil society alliance in strongest terms possible for rallying behind the government, rejecting the intervention of regional forces in South Sudan. Goodhearted Orphans & Disabled Organization is indigenous organization legalized by the ministry of Justice &legal affairs /NGO Act, 2011. It is a human rights, orphans and disabled civil society organization in South Sudan.
GODO calls on all civil society organizations to play a neutral role in the on-going conflict between the rival parties. Civil society groups should not take side; they must influence the parties to the conflict to accept peace agreement for a permanent stability in South Sudan.
On Wednesday, 10th August, 2016, representative of civil society alliances accused and condemned IGAD-plus and JEMC for having held their extra-ordinary meeting in Khartoum, Sudan saying that there is a hidden agenda in the meeting held in Sudan. This was broadcast on Eye Radio morning news, a private owned Radio Station in Juba.
In another story; the representative did mention that South Sudanese civilians have fled to the neighbouring countries because they fear the said regional troops to be installed in Juba.

It is not true, they are coming to save lives and protect civilians in South Sudan, a decision taken last month by IGAD-plus and later welcomed by UN.
On different note; the representative of civil society alliances has also stated that, the reason as to why civilians flee state capital juba is because they are fearing the deployment of protection forces by Intergovernmental Authority on Development.

This is unfoundedspattowards regional and international issues.

They are coming to protect and to save the lives of acquittedanguishcivil populations in the country since the two parties are busy fighting in around juba.
Welcomes, GODO has also welcomed the decision taken by south Sudanese rights activists, civil society groups and the entire south Sudanese communities living in diasporas for having made a wise decision to accepted the deployment of United Nations and regional third protection forces in South Sudan. This was confirmed from the Human Rights Activist Simon Deng who spokes to Eye Radio on phone earlier in the morning, Thursday 11th, August 2016. Simon Deng is a human rights activist living in United States of American, USA.
Deplores, the executive director of GODO censures the enduring human rights violations in the country. A series of human rights atrocities and other inhuman brutalities against civilians have been reported and endlessly continuing. Following the recently renewed violence in the national capital juba, on Friday 8th July, 2016; a huge of civilians has lost their lives. Women in particular, the IDPs females were forcefully raped, IDPs were killed in UN premises while others are left susceptible i.e. wounded and rape survivors in UNMISS camps and in many part of the country.
Calls, GODO calls on the rights groups within South Sudan and in Diasporas to back regional and international community to immediately intervene in order tosalvage the suffering south Sudanese people. August 2015, agreement is not creating an impact to bring a long lasting peace and stability in the country since the parties to the conflict are not willing to tribute the signed agreement.
Within a period of 3 weeks, a thousand of south Sudanese civilians have fled South Sudan to the neighbouring countries of; Kenya, Uganda, DR Congo, federal republic of Ethiopia and Republic of Sudan to seek for protection and shelters.
GODO, call on IGAD-plus, Troika countries, civil society organizations, religious groups, political parties’ representative, United Nations Security Council,JEMC and lastly, other involved stakeholders in the peace talks to stand with theresolution made forth bythe IGAD Defence foreign ministryand UN to deployed its third protection forces in South Sudan.
The decision came in as a result of the Joint Evaluation and Monitoring Commission-JEMC which was tasked in 2015 in Addis Ababa, the capital city of the Federal republic of Ethiopia have failed to superintend the general implementation of the signed peace agreement to resolve south Sudanese2 years’conflict.

South Sudan is a member state to the United Nations, AU, EAC and many regional organizations, South Sudanhave the rights torespect any decision subject to dialogues or to be abide by the regional and international bodies’ resolutions.

Signed by;
David Lony Majak Makuei
Executive Director of Goodhearted Orphans & Disabled Organization.
Email:-, +256778174414/ or +254954282835.