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Press release: SPLA-IO commander in Sobat State warns government troops in Nasir to surrender before it’s too late!

Mandeng – Comrades, it has come to our attention that the failed regime of Salva Kiir has lets you down with no logistics and reinforcements. We are also aware that the recent provocation you made by shelling our defensive position in Nordeng and other locations was just an order from above. This indiscriminative targeting of the civilians in their residential will not be tolerated by the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny, the FVP of the South Sudan.


The SPLA-IO leadership has taken a hard decision to absolve all of you once you lay down your arms. This is a request from the Chief of Staff and the C-In-C FVP Dr. Riek Machar Teny. It’s not our interest to see our brothers dying of hunger in trenches defending failed regime manipulated by JCE and couldn’t bring any helps should if we decided to crush you today in Nasir.


Comrades, our distant is not far from all the directions. Should regional force failed to be deployed in juba and your government failed to stop bombarded innocent civilians in Nasir, then we will be force to drive you to drown in Sobat river and pursuit those who think they may reaches Juba by foot. Comrades, I must assure you that nobody will harm you once you lay down your arms. You will equally be treated like your colleagues who abandoned your camp to IO camp in Nasir in the last few days. We shall offer you an equal treatment like our comrades on the side of the Freedom Fighters. We decided to give you 72 hours to consider our request.


We are committed for peace implementation.



Lt. Gen. Tut Rik


Division 3 commander, Sobat St

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