Nuer Community in Kampala supports Dr. Machar; calls Taban a traitor.

Kampala – The Nuer Community in Kampala, Uganda supports and stands with the “legitimate” leadership of SPLM-IO under Dr. Riek Machar. 

In a meeting organized by the leadership of the SPLM-IO chapter in Uganda, the Nuer community categorically condemned the action of Gen. Taban and called him a traitor who has, according to them,  betrayed his people at a very critical time.

“Taban’s defection shouldn’t be a big concern to all of us. When those of Gat-hoth and Gatdet defected, we remains strong” said a community member whose name withheld for safety matters 

“Taban has been the main problem to the SPLM/A-IO leadership and stability; now that he has gone, I think we should be happy because many people didn’t joins us or moved away from us because of him and his selfish interest” said another community member.

“We stand with Dr. Riek Machar forever. There is nothing that will divide us” said a woman leader

The meeting was organized by the Deputy Secretary of the Chapter, Mr. Gatluak Khot Kaet and co-chaired by Mr. Magok Chuol in absent of the Chapter Chairman, Mr. Buay Kaeka who is suspected of having intentions to join Taban and his team in Juba though he has not yet declared his position. Buay is also said to be related to Gen. Taban Deng 

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