Update: Heavy fighting ongoing in and around Nasir 

Mandeng – Heavy fighting between the government forces and the SPLA-IO force is reported to have been ongoing since morning in and around Nasir town.
SPLA-IO has confirmed the fighting in a statement imparted to Wangdunkon Media 

“On the verified report on the incident which has occurred on July 31 2016 in Nasir County, Ketbek Payam at 7:00AM.  The detailed information communicated under command of Brig Gen Daniel Gatbel kuach” ~ Col. William Gatjiath confirmed the fighting.

Our sources in Mandeng have also confirmed the fighting decribing it as the heaviest in recent days as both force have moved our of their trenches.

The government force have been in control of Nasir town for more than two years at their strategic base at Wec Yahradiu west of Nasir town.

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