Breaking: 21 military trucks captured by SPLA-IO from govt troops.

Juba – In the ongoing fighting triggered by government’s offensive against the forces of SPLA-IO to try and capture Dr. Riek Machar, dead or alive,  the government has lost 21 military trucks to the forces of SPLA in opposition around Juba in the fighting.

“Our forces are doing great in self-defence against the attacking forces loyal to President Salva Kiir. Our forces have captured 21 military trucks with their logistics, including food belonging to enemy forces. Juba is besieged from different directions as we speak” ~ Said Dr. Machar’s spokesperson James Gatdet 

Dr. Riek himself disclosed that his forces are well prepared and ready to storm Juba and capture it to “restore peace and stability”

It has been suspected that the forces of SPLA-IO have made a great buildup around the city and with enough weaponry for the anticipated all-out war should the proposed regional force fail to be deployed in the shortest possible time. 

Chances for the survival of the IGAD-plus brokered peace pack are diminishing as the fighting rage and controversial political moves have been taken not in accordance with the agreement. 


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