Breaking: Pres. Kirr relieved Machar and appoints Gen. Taban Deng as the FVP.

Juba – President Salva Kirr has appointed Gen. Taban Deng Gai as the FVP replacing Dr. Riek Machar who has since then been missing following the fighting in Juba after his base was overran by the government.

The nomination of Taban has been controvereally done in Juba by Taban himself with support from the government in a move to get rid of Dr. Riek.

While the political events continue to happen inside Juba, the government has been launching attacks on SPLA-IO position outside Juba in a move to probably kill Dr. Riek whom his whereabouts are unknown till date. 

Taban is appointed not in accordance with the peace agreement but the government made their own translation of the agreement.

Dr. Riek has never come up publicly since he was chased out of Juba to comment on the affairs unfolding in his movement.

In simple analysis, the ARCISS is now shaking to death should the matter go on unresolved since a greater number of SPLM-IO members including most chapters abroad have objected the move which they called a coup against the movement.

Dr. Said he will never returned to Juba unless a third party is deployed inside Juba to take over the security.

Kirr has also relieved the Finance Minister Deng Athorbei and replaced him with Stephen Dhieu Dau