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Artist Kilany apologize for his support to Gen. Taban; fans applauded him 

The renowned South Sudanese artist in Ethiopia, Mr.Kilany Gatkek, has apologized for his statement he released earlier and published by Wangdunkon Media which was in support of Gen. Taban’s taking over of Dr.  Machar’s position.
The artist was quite taken as emotional and express his anger on Dr. Riek Machar’s continued struggle with Nuer supports but never succeeded.

Below is the full apology statement by Kilany: 

I want to apologised for anythings I have hurted you about on my Yesterday’s post; a lot of reactions happened when I post some thing about Taban Deng whom we all knows as selfish in the politics of south sudan.

I have no any reason to praise him, what I mean is he is the son of nuer and  he can act as long as the post is vacant  and step down if his boss returned to juba.

But what is there happening is that he is actually making a coup againt his chairman and even as I heard in very recent developments he was even the one  planing this war that chased out Dr Machar out of juba so that he became the FVP; and if that is how it’s, we can not be impatience to support this kind of evil doer.

Your reactions to my post is not bad and its the only thing that can make me have more clarification on something. By that reason I couldn’t have been bribed by Taban as many of u think when i’m popularly known artist as you know.

 But any one has his own judgements and decision. I will never disown my chairman Dr. Machar forever and ever and I will the same time criticise  him when I felt something going wrong about him as im a man of my own judgement. Let us leave Taban alone and let him joint Nuer-wew but I though the reason was that the post was vacant,,, and he can returned it back to machar when he is back to juba as a member of Io,, 

I just want to says sorry cozt without you im nothing to this world,, I dont even blame those who said many abusive words yester as the result and the outcomes of  mistake is  abusives statements,,

I have not gone any were,  I am still staying with you my beloved tribes,, and wishes u all the best.