SPLM-IO in political turmoil; Gen. Taban is pressing the red bottons.

Following the long awaited suspicious from SPLM IO on the the former Chief Negotiator for SPLM-IO Gen. Taban Deng, the suspect is no longer a suspect.

Gen. Taban is pressing the hot and red bottons of the IO with alleged influence from the government in a motive to remove Dr.  Riek from the leadership and install Gen.  Taban as the FVP and probably the Chairman of the SPLM-IO doing away with the hierarchy of the said movement.

Now the game is that Gen. Taban is working 24/7 to snatch the SPLM-IO leadership and do away with Dr. Riek Machar from the leadership position. 

The group led by Taban held a meeting today in Juba in response to Dr. Riek’s move of dismissing Taban yesterday from the SPLM-IO and the TGoNU.

The game is on and the winner is not yet declared. Dr. Riek Machar is still in unknown location but he speaks to his close aids and comrades from his hiding.

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