Gen. Buay Rolnyang released, find out why.

Juba – The powerful General who has been fighting alongside govervment since the onset of the crisis, a Nuer himself by tribe from Unity State, Gen. Buay Rolnyang has been released by the SPLA (IG) GHQs after several months of detention

Buay was jailed early this year following a dispute he had with Gen. Puljang over the freedom and access of Bentiu town by the civilians among other leadership issues. The state Governor, who is a relative and a long time ally with Gen. Pul was also involved in the matter leading to the arrest of Buay.

Gen. Buay was released yesterday from jail allegedly for a purpose. 

The government has been working to replace Dr. Riek with Gen. Taban who has pledged allegiance to President Kirr. A move that will put ARCISS in full  jeopardy

However, the main problem of Monytuil’s son (as they are always referred to) and Gen. Puljang is none other than Taban himself. They have not been happy from the day Taban got closer to President Kirr and followed by the move to appoint him as the FVP.

The said Monytuil sons have expressed disagreement over the matter and threaten possible defection from the government.

In a move to face or weaken them, Gen. Buay is released to be deployed in Unity State as the acting commander for his total and unquestionable allegiance.

The said sons will all be made to stay in Juba and their activities be monitored closely prior to the appointment of Gen. Taban as the FVP.

The appointment of Taban to replace Machar who was chased away from Juba and since then been on hiding is not approved by SPLM IO