Poor participation to the “Juba demonstration” disappoint the govt

Juba – The goverment is said to be sad and working hard to force citizens to join the planned demonstration in Juba following the low turn out of the citizens in contrary to what they expected.

The demonstration was suppose to happen at Dr. John Garang Mausoleum but due to poor turn out, the event couldn’t happen leading the few who were there to assemble at the Airport junction near UNOCHA compound opposite J1.

Sources told Wangdunkon Media that the goverment is trying to forcefully let people join the demonstration to at least increase the number.

“Those who join the demonstration are very few and now we are told that the goverment is deploying more troops on the streets to forcefully take people for demonstrations. I was just called now by my friend in Hai Amarat that they have even assemble some buses to take people to the place where they are doing the demonstration” ~ a source which preferred anonymity exclusively told Wangdunkon Media.

Those who assembled at the Airport road are said to be less than 200 hundreds individuals with rarely almost no one else joining.

“If I cannot protest against the terrible economic meltdown, which has actually affected me as a common citizen – if I cannot go to the streets to protest against constant attack and killing of civilians by security men locally referred to as unknown gunmen, I CANNOT as well join any demonstration against the international community’s idea of flooding South Sudan with foreign forces because I’m sane and my heart, mind, and soul exude political chastity. I’ll stick to my title in this country” ~ Tearz Ayuen, a commentator wrote

A source also quoted a high ranking goverment official saying: “It’s their constitutional right to demonstrate” refereing to the citizens. He continued that “they have to come out in numbers and reject these stupid things of UN. If they don’t don’t their right (citizens) then goverment has the right to show them what to do!”. (‘What to do’ probably mean bringing them forcefully and let them demonstrate)

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