Breaking: Dhieu Mathok arrested; SPLM-IO politicians under iimminent danger in Juba

Juba –  Dr. Dhieu Mathok, the SPLM – IO Secretary General and the minister of Dams and Energy in the TGoNU, has been forcefully arrest and posiible beaten acording to James Gatdet Dak, Dr. Machar’s spokesperson. 

Below is what Gatdet wrote:

SPLM/SPLA (IO) ministers are in danger in Juba. I have just received a call from Dr. Dhieu Mathok Ding, Secretary General of the SPLM (IO) and one of our natonal ministers that their hotel in Juba (Crown Hotel) has been surrounded by President Salva Kiir’s forces. He told me that they wanted to arrest all our ministers who have been accomodated in the hotel, and maybe in other hotels as well. He said he was reporting it to me as an urgent matter. 

As he was talking to me I suddenly heard voices of people like they were arresting him or beating him, saying “bring him here, bring him her.” There was a lot of struggle and some sort of beating  in the background until the phone was off. I tried to call him but the phone was off.
We call on the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC) Chairman, President Festus Mogae, and IGAD leadership as well as partners of peace to find out about the fate of the SPLM (IO) ministers in Juba. 

This arrest comes following a reported move by the IO asking UN and JMEC to take their trapped members for their protection.

Literally, the IO officials have been held hostage for all these days following the fighting between the two rival force.

Their total number is unknown but it’s believed that all the appointed ministers for the TGoNU and the MPs in addition to other officials we still in Juba and under that imminent danger 

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