SPLA soldiers selling looted properties on the streets of Juba.

Juba– SPLA soldiers are seen on the streets of Juba selling the properties they have looted during the carnage in Juba.
The main Market in Jebel where the fighting was intensified, the market and homes were looted by govt forces on Sunday and Monday when fighting was ragging between the rival factions.


Thw soldiers were seen in their full military attires and guns putting down variety of commodities for public to buy.

They are starting businesses from what they have looted for sale.

According to the SPLA spokesperson, Lul Ruai Koang, all the security forces have been to retreat back to their units ans stop all the looting, killing and harassment of civilians, the order was not respectively effected as some elements within the army not complying with the order and continue to do their activities.
The civilians were are trapped in their houses for last five days have nothing to eat nor water to drink as they fearing killing and harassment from the govt soldiers.
Wangdunkon Media reaches some civilians who didn’t manage to run for refuge said, soldiers put our lives in danger and they are expecting us to buy the properties they have stolen from us.
They said, calm has returned to the city but there is still huge presence of the army on the streets, the situation is very dynamic and complex, we don’t know what may be the next plan they said.

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