Govt forces attacked IO base in Leer, Unity state.

Bentiu – skirmishes between the SPLA-Juba and SPLA-In Opposition flared  in Leer town  of unity state early today Wenesday.

According to the senior officer contacted by wangdunkon media early today.

He said our base in Kaigai payam  of leer county came under heavy attack this morning from the governmen forces.

Leer county is a birthplace of armed opposition leader Dr. Riek Machar, the has been badly devastated during the 22 year of civil strife, many civilians were intentionally maimed by govt security forces and many more fled the area and seek protectionin UN base in Bentiu main town.

The attackers have been repulsed, he further said the govt in Juba is not respecting the recent ceasefire declared by parties after heavy fighting erupted in Juba between IO and SPLA – Juba and our forces are fighting in self defence.

Fightings have reported in several areas in the country when both army engaged in serious fighting in Juba since last week, hundreds of people have been  killed and thousand more displaced from their homes.

General security in the country is still very fragile despite cessation of hostilities declared by both sides early this week.



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