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Breaking: Pres. Kirr dismiss Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister, Dr. Cirino Hiteng 

Juba – President Kirr has dismissed the deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Dr. Cirino Hiteng Ofuho, from his position.

Hiteng is a member of G10 and his nomination was made by the group as part of implementing the peace  agreement.

In normal circumstances and in accordance with the ARCISS, Kirr can dismiss a minister from the other partners with consultation and not at wills.

It’s not clear if Pres. Kirr consulted G10 before sacking Mr.  Hiteng. 

The reason behind this surprising dismissal is not yet known but observers believe that the sacking is a result of yesterday’s meeting of the IGAD Council of ministers attended by Mr.  Hiteng. The ministers called for reopening of Juba International Airport and to be managed by UNMISS.

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