“Rescue mission” force for SPLA –IO threaten to overrun Juba 

Some force which identify themselves as “rescue mission force” and parts of SPLA-IO have threatened to overrun Juba saying that “we will not spare anyone”

The force said they have literally made a seige on Juba from different directions: some are from Mundari land,  others are from Western and Eastern Equatoria, predominantly from Zande, Topossa, Ma’di, Didinga, among other tribes and members of the SPLA IO forces in those areas.

“…. we have to rescue our people from these tribal gangs. This Country belong to us all and we have to sacrifice for its total betterment. We are going to Juba. In fact Juba is now under seige and we have to rescue our people” ~ James Hakim, a member of the said rescue mission force told Wangdunkon Media 

This comes following the unilateral cease fire declare today by the government.

Asked on that regards,  Hakim had this to say: “We don’t know what is their intentions of declaring this ceasefire, but we are surely going to see our people there.  We will need to see our people and our leader” 

Asked on who is their leader, Hakim said “Our leader is Riek Machar. He is a man of peace. His safety is very important to us and for this Country” he said. 

Fighting has stopped in Juba but tension continue to be high in other areas like Torit, Malakal and Bentiu. Hostilities are also anticipated in Western Bahr el Gazel

So far,  there is no development reported from the “reactive” White Army from all their locations  and there seems to be no indication that they will fight.

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  1. Killing for good reason is reasonable but killing for evil reason is madness, meaningless and hopeless. Whom do you kill now? Your blood, your brother and your countrymen. Will you gain fortune and portion because of that…? Soldiers are innocent they are just carrying out commands, but who are after the commands? What are happening in Juba are the continuations of distortions of the image of South Sudan and people of South Sudan. The two parties are responsible for is taking place now since it goes against the Agreement. You singed the Agreement you should be at that standard high and up whatsoever the barriers and conflicts. A leadership is a leadership, your people first not your gain and interest. What will archive by triggering war and gearing war against the will of your people. I’m earnestly calling upon all the Opposition Movements and Fronts in South Sudan to join hands in supporting their brothers and sisters in struggle to bring change and transform to South Sudan so that we may live in peace, unity and harmony as South Sudanese. Don’t stand still, but stretch your hands out to help and assist your comrades in struggle and liberation, if you cannot do this at this time when will do it. This is the very time that people may see and know who you are. No man and woman were born in Opposition, liberator and oppressor. We all learned to become an opposers, liberators and oppressor when we see and notice the situation around us is not matching and meeting our values and needs. So any one can become likewise worldwide it’s a universal call that if you are not happy, try to find out the root causes of that and ponder upon them fervently until you realize lope holes and understand what to do and say… put in mind that no man or woman was born peace maker and vice versa.