Colossal looting hits most parts of Juba; Army accused responsible 

Juba – A massive and colossal looting hits most parts of Juba following the days of fighting in the city.

Among the most affected areas are  Jebel Suuk, Gudele, Miya Sabaa, Konyo Konyo among other areas.

“It looks like two objectives are being aimed at here  by the IG fighting force: First, they probably want to get rid of all the IO forces and all their commanders, if possible. Secondly,  they want to cause chaos in the entire city to create an environment for looting to collect  whatever necessary they wants” ~ a source which prefered anonymity predicted early at the onset of the fighting 

After the government unilaterally declared cessation of hostilities, m

ost parts of the city had gone empty, looted and destroyed, leaving many observers with open jaws. 

“I can’t believe that the army which is supposed to be protecting the citizens and their properties are the one killing and looting the very Country they supposed to protect” said a Kenyan national living in Juba 

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