Govt gunship bombs opposition site, ground forces defeated by IO forces

Juba – heavy fighting has erupted between opposition forces and government forces this morning,the govt troops have attacked IO base in Jebel Kujur where Dr. Riek Machar and his chief of General staff residing.

Government helicopters started bombing IO position when govt forces were  defeated on the ground battle.
The latest report obtained by wangdunkon media has shown that attackers were humiliated and repulsed back to Jebel Market site.
The sound of guns be can heard heading toward national security building in Juba, civilians have fled the area when the fighting is ragging  and more are trapped in the scene.
Huge number of civil population are fleeing to UNIMISS compound of Tongpiny camp.
This attack was launched two days after deadly skirmishes flared up between warring forces in presidential palace in which 150 people confirmed to have died in the fight from both sides.
Govt chief General staff Paul Malong has ordered senior commanders to SPLA General headquarter last night and extra forces deployed in the city, all streets are full of security servicemen.
On Friday, both leaders called for calm and give chance to the committee entrusted to carry out investigation on how this war came about.
Details of casualties are not verified as fighting is till ragging.
Wangdunkon media is still following that war development on latest round of fighting.

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