DaU Atorjung defected to govt.

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Juba– The deputy chief of general staff for training in SPLA -IO  Dau Aturjong has declared his defection way today

Dau joined SPLA / IO IN 2014 when he went at loggerhead with the current govt current chief of staff Paul Malong Awan

He defected without any single fightwe around, he was described as most useless General in IO leadership struggle throughput 22 month of civil war.

He was accusedto have frustrated military activities in Bahr Al Ghazal region. According to IO officials, his defection posses no threat as he has done nothing in the movement.

He joined the movement alone and left the movement alone.

Several weeks ago, he was called by Jieng Council of Elders and told him to join the govt, then the outcome of the meeting was circulated in the social that he wants to join the govt in which he denied.

Today, he declared his defection after pierce battle took place between freedom fighters and govt forces.



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