South Sudan’s capital militarised after killing of IO security personnel.

Juba– South Sudan army have built up Military presence in the capital this week, according to the eyewitnesses, many trucks were seen crossing Juba main bridge since yesterday from other side of the River.

The Security  operatives are deployed in all roads block in the city.
Heavy military tanks are stationed outside Juba near the camp where opposition leader Riek Machar is residing and his forces, this information was revealed to wangdunkon media by insiders.

This move has sparked another serious index of suspicion for the volatility of the security situation, three people from opposition side were killed by military intelligent loyal to the government over the weekend and many more are still missing, they are either arrested or killed by the govt security agents.
The redeployment of the troops inside Juba will add more tension to the existing mistrust between warring parties after mysterious killing of SPLA -IO soldiers inside the capital.
According to the agreement on security arrangement, Juba should be demilitarised and forces redeployed 25 Km outside Juba.
Assembly points for IO forces haven’t yet been demarcated or identified in greater Bahr Al Ghazal and greater Equatoria respectively.
Government has been using little money collected from oil to buy arms and other military supplies in order to continue the war and cause more insecurity in the country, but fail to control the looming economic crisis that hits the country since conflicted started in 2013, the militarisation of Juba is fostering a great menace to the agreement which was signed to end two year civil war ans possible return to war is eminent as both warring parties failed to implement the agreement.
The economic crisis in the country has reached uncompromising level and local population are living in an abject poverty because they can’t afford to buy food as prices in the market are skyrocketing every day.

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