Independence celebration adjourned to avoid opposition officials to deliver speech.

Juba– South Sudan’s independence celebration was called off by the council of ministers weekly meeting last week in pretext that financial predicament of the state is at stake due to the economic crisis in the country.
The day for the celebration was designated to be observed and president Salva Kiir to address the nation through state run media SSBC.
Insider whose name was not revealed due to reprisal said, the adjournment was meant to avoid Riek Machar to deliver a speech concerning on the status of the agreement, since the leader of the opposition arrived Juba, he hasn’t made any public speech to address people about the agreement he signed with the govt in August last year.
According to official, he further said many plans are already made to frustrate the implementation process and create hostile environment for the opposition to sensitise the people about the peace.
JCE are said behind this plan and push the minsters loyal to salva Kiir to justify the cancellation of the independence due to lack of resources.

South Sudan’s economic is deteriorating every single day and many people are starving to death due to the scarcity of food in the country.
Rampant killing has been reported in the recent days, many security officers from IO are being maimed by the security agents loyal to the government.
Armed Robert has become order of the day in the country’s capital where people are robbed in a broad daylight at gun point.
Number of South Sudanese have crossed the borders for the search of food and protection.

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