SPLA / IO Military intelligent shot in Juba today.

Wangdunkon media 

Juba– military intelligent officer was shot in Juba by security apparatus loyal to government today near Kator residential area, the victim was identified to be George Gismala who works as a captain in SPLA / IO Military intelligent.

The victim was said to have been taken to undisclosed location by the governmentsecurity agents.
The investigations are under to establish the cause sorrounding the incident according to opposition senior officer contacted by wangdunkon media, culprits haven’t been captured or identified so far.
The shooting has sparked serious index of suspicious among the both parties as the August peace accord implementation has seen many setbacks in the recent days.
No official statement released yet by both parties to a sure the public about the looming security concerns in the city.
Wangdunkon media is still collecting more information about the situation.

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