Government admits lack of money to pay civil servants.

Juba – The government in  Juba has for the first time admitted that the government lacks cash to pay civil servants, for the last three month civil servants have not been paid and public institutions have run out of essential services, Juba Teaching Hospital ran out of electricity supply for days leaving patients in a very bad conditions.

Michael Makuei Lueth, the minister of information and govt official spokesperson said the government has no money in th coffers to pay the employees he further said  that he wasn’t  also paid for the last three months and he never complains.

He stressed that civil servants should not complain about not being paid for months, he warns that the employees will be paid for the  monthin which we are  but the remaining arrears will not be paid because there is no money.

Both govt and opposition have signed the August agreement due to pressure from international community, now the TGONU has been and many provisions on the agreement have not been fully implemented including the reconstitution of the parliament and the issue of assembly areas for IO forces in Equatoria and Bahr al Ghazal.

The people of South Sudan are both emotionally and financially stressed according to economoc expert, live becomes very hard as economic situation in the country is deteriorating every single day, many people couldn’t afford to earn their daily meal as local currency keeps losing value everyday.


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