SSTV News Anchor, Garang John, arrested over unpaid debts amountings to a million SSP.

Juba – The South Sudan TV (now SSBC) news anchor, Mr. Garang John is behind bars over unpaid debts of over a million South Sudanese pounds after getting done with his ever expensive wedding in Juba.

Garang John wedded former singer and a news Anchor as well, Paleki Mathew Obur, in a wedding that was described as one of the most expensive wedding done in Juba in recent days.

Both Garang and Paleki are upcoming celebrities hailing from different communities of South Sudan. Garang is a Dinka and Paleki is  Shilluk but the found their love inside the newsroom of SSTV!

After having done with their expensive wedding, Garang was allegedly promised by some unnamed goverment officials to borrow as much amount of money required for his wedding and will be refunded accordingly. Now, things are not as planned. Garang John has been jailed for delaying to fulfill his promise of refunding the money to the owners and there seem to be now positive respond from those who promised him either.


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