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Breaking: South Sudan High Court sentence 16 former J1 officials to “Life imprisonment”

Juba – The High Court of South Sudan has sentenced 16 former employees at the President’s office to life imprisonment over corruptions scandal that led to lost of over 14 million US dollars.

Some of the sixteen officials includes Yel Luol Kur, chief executive director in the Office of President, Mayan Wol Jong, chief administrator in the Office of President, Controller of accounts in the Office of President; The overall controller of accounts in the Office of President. Anne Christos Ladu, accountant at the Office of the President. Executive Director at the office of the Secretary-General for Decentralization; Chaat Paul, Director of Communication at General Administration Office;  Francis Justin, employee of ministry of finance and Anyang Mijok, cashier of the central bank among others.

The 16 have been charged on different corruption involvement as they all had hands in the lost of 14 million US dollars.

The 16 will spent the rest of their life in prison unless they get pardoned by President Kirr himself if at all he will head to the demands from the families. This sentence of the 16 officials from the Country’s highest office will give more credit and some sort of strength to the weak and almost partisan court of South Sudan and also a good step toward fighting corruption in the Country..